Jordan Hawes

Jordan Hawes

Nightvoid Chapter 3: A Spy on the River Orso

The bed was warm and soft. A little cove of protection against the threat of wakefulness. It was a losing battle, but it was one Elwyn was determined to fight to the very

Nightvoid Chapter 1: The Pig-boy

The sun beat down through the treetops, cut into shafts that played on the dust clouds. Elwyn lay in the soft grass looking up at them in wonder. This was the very best

The Cog and the Crank

The winding of the crank was maddening at first. The way the machine ticked and whirred synced with his motion. Or perhaps he synced with its motion. It didn’t bother him any

Prelude to Nightvoid

As the receding waters reveal the shore, the whole world was revealed as Sirk found himself to be seated in a stone circle on the plains.