Nightvoid Chapter 1: The Pig-boy

The sun beat down through the treetops, cut into shafts that played on the dust clouds. Elwyn lay in the soft grass looking up at them in wonder. This was the very best

The Cog and the Crank

The winding of the crank was maddening at first. The way the machine ticked and whirred synced with his motion. Or perhaps he synced with its motion. It didn’t bother him any

The Song of Cyrus

I run down another twisted, winding hallway, and still that infernal song finds me. It has followed me, even into the desolation of this place. Even the walls of my prison seem to

A Heart on a Chain

Any ordinary girl would have been asleep when the stars were waking. Their eyes had been opened with the moonrise. The giant clock in the sky ticked along to the beat as it